10 Non-Toxic Brands to Use in Your Home and on Your Body

Does anyone have that one mildly obnoxious friend who can’t help but take every opportunity to point out how and why different products or foods are bad for your wellbeing? Yeah, you can probably think of one. I don’t really have that friend because I am that friend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not singing from the rooftops about it. I just think toxic chemicals are bullshit and they smell weird and that people should be informed about what they are putting in, on or around their bodies.

I also realize that some of the more natural products cause irritation in certain people as well. Just to keep things in perspective, you could also have a reaction by brushing up against a leaf on the wrong type of tree. So let’s all just take it easy here. The point is that I personally prefer plant based ingredients to funky synthetic fragrance, dyes, etc. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of the most common products I use in my home and on my body.

In the House

1. Method

They pretty much make everything you need to clean your house but I specifically use their hand soap, dish soap, glass cleaner, bathroom disinfectants, and their hardwood floor spray. Their scents are lovely but not over powering like other products I’ve tried.

2. Seventh Generation

My go-to for laundry detergent, fabric softening dryer sheets, and feminine products. Seventh Generation makes fragrance-free organic tampons and chlorine-free pads and pantyliners. They also sell household cleaners, recycled paper towels and toilet paper.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap can be used for almost any cleaning task. Whether it’s washing your face or body (my primary uses) your dog, your dishes or your floor, Dr. Bronner’s is the soap for the job. It’s made without synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents and it’s super concentrated so a bottle goes a long way.

Pro-tip: I bring travel sized bottles to wash clothing items in sinks for longer trips where I won’t have access to a washer/dryer.

SIDE NOTE: Has anyone else noticed that the expiration date is the only thing that seems to rub and/or magically disappear off the packaging of both food and cosmetic products? Like that’s the least important thing on there. Makes no sense. It’s as if someone in the manufacturing/packaging department just made the call that no one really cares about that date any way. What the hell is that about?

On the Body

4. Pavaani

Organic ayurvedic skin care products. They are based on the three doshas, or constitution types of Ayurvedic tradition. If you are unfamiliar with ayurveda they have crafted a lovely quiz for you to determine your dosha and which products would be right for you. My favorite item is their nourishing body oil which I use for abhyanga, ayurvedic self massage, which I referenced in my Winter Self Care post.

5. Native Deodorant

They make other products but I have only tried one. Aluminum free, paraben free, sulfate free deodorant that works. Natural deodorant is “trending” pretty hard in recent years. People seem to really love it or they absolutely hate it. Certain products work well for some people but not others. As far as I’m concerned, Native is the best.

6. Andalou Naturals

They do skin care, hair care and body care but I pretty much just use their BB Sheer Tint moisturizer with SPF 30. It smells awesome and gives my pale winter face a nice healthy glow.

7 & 8. Innersense & O Way

Organic hair products. I found out about Innersense and O Way products from Pure, a wonderful organic salon here in Nashville. Both brands are great but my personal favorite product is O Way’s silk’ n glow hair bath. It’s the best smelling hair product I have ever used. Bold statement you say? Tell me that after trying this shampoo.

9. Acure

Skin and hair products without parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, paraffin, mineral oil or animal testing. Yay.

10. Burt’s Bees

I’m not one to wear excessive make up but I can absolutely appreciate a good mascara and the right shade of lipstick. Burt’s Bees has both. It’s 100% natural and I don’t have to use makeup remover to get it off my face.

The list is not all inclusive. There are plenty of fish in the sea of non-toxic products. The important thing to remember is to read the ingredients. If they are not listed, do some research. Don’t assume that if something is sold at your local supermarket or drug store that it is safe to use on or near your body. The Environmental Working Group has compiled an entire online database for this exact reason. Check out their Skin Deep site to see if the cosmetic products you use measure up to their standards.

Stay curious my friends. Until next time.

All the best,


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