Welcome to my site! I’m Tess Jones

As a student of anthropology (the study of mankind, for the vast majority of you who didn’t have this major in college) I live in constant curiosity about the human condition. Life is not always peaches. Sometimes it’s tough and sometimes it’s painful. If your experience as a part of this universe has been anything like mine, your darkest times have sparked a thirst for knowledge of how to take the best care of yourself as possible. That is what thehappinessjones is all about. It refers to the insatiable appetite for the moments of happiness, however fleeting.. and being okay with everything in between.

All the best,


Raised in both New Jersey and South Florida, Tess Jones is a massage therapist, yogi and wellness enthusiast living in Nashville, Tennessee.

She also works alongside her husband at their substance abuse treatment center as Director of Case Management. Use the Contact tab on the site for massage therapy consultation requests or schedule with her at The Lotus Room, an Ayurvedic Studio, on Wednesdays or Fridays.